Compared with other industries, beauty industry demands relatively smaller and more delicate pieces. We do understand and always embrace challenges. Whether your molds are in initial conception phases, or the whole production line has been planned, K-Mold will develop your custom molds from concept to reality.

What can K-Mold do for your molds?

Quality and Durability

Tool Steel: Premium steel adds years of life to molds and enhances quality of plastic piece. Our tool steels are excellent in polishability, machinability, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance. Various options are provided for you, such as: SUS420 heated HRC 52˚-54˚, SKD 61 heated treatment, NAK 80, and Nitrited Treatment.
Cavity: From pilot to multi-cavity, your K-Mold-made custom molds are expected to have greater shots in tool life expectancy and lower costs for maintenance.

Technology and Precision

You can rely on us for mold design and development.
Our team members are skilled in CAD/CAM system and are also experienced in mold making and suggestion making. With K-Mold's dedication to technology and precision, the injected pieces will be well-assembled and requirement-fulfilled.

Tailored to Beauty Industry

K-Mold focuses on serving beauty industry. Our high levels of commitment and passion for beauty packaging are consistent. From assorted lipstick bullet to specially designed surlyn packaging, customized to your needs, we can make all types of molds for you.