For beauty market, decoration on packaging brings value-added effect. K-Mold offers not only equipment for secondary processing, but also components, accessories and applicators that match up with plastic pieces.

Mirror is one of our featured components for compact cases and lipsticks.

K-Mold high-quality mirrors are:

-   surface ripple-free
-   aluminum coated by eco-friendly process
-   customized shape-oval, rectangular, or any irregular shape
-   specially treated, precisely cut and carefully ground
We also offer standard plate mirrors in three thicknesses: 1.1mm, 1.3mm and 1.8mm, with length: 1,220mm (or in half: 610mm) and width: 914mm. You can have these plate mirrors further processed in your own premises.

Accessory & Component
  • Mirror
  • Aluminum Shell,
    Aluminum Tube & Inner Mechanism
  • Aluminum Ring
  • Hot Stamping
  • Heat Transfer
  • Vapor Transfer
  • Leather
  • Lip Gloss Applicator
  • Metal Weight

The above photos display typical equipment, components, accessories and applicators we have been supplying global clients over the years. Additionally, equipment such as screen printing machine, pad printing machine and ultrasonic welding machine, as well as facility for lacquering, laser cutting/engraving and anodizing are all involved in our knowledge and expertise.